Horse Racing

Multiple bets on horse racing A multiple bet, also called 'Multiple', is different from a normal cumulative bet. A multiple bet consisting primarily of various single, double, triple and other cumulative bets (seen on various events). The following list is not in alphabetical order, but order of difficulty / expense.

Through these multiple bets you can easily bet on all possible options. These types of bets are only used in horse racing. Tricia A Tricia consists of four bets with 3 horses: 3 cumulative double bets, simply a 'Double', and one cumulative treble, also called a 'Treble' called. If you want to bet in three different races in three horses you can combine them into a Tricia.

This means that you have a bet that says all three horses will win their race (the treble), and three bets say that two of the three horses will win their race (the Doubles).

There are three possible combinations of a Double (1-2, 1-3 and 2-3), so therefore you have 3 Doubles in the Multiple. least 2 of these 4 bets must be correct to make a winning bet of this Tricia so you get paid money. Patent A patent is the same as Tricia, only three single bets (Singles) there, so you can get back at least all that money, if only one of your three horses win his race.

It comprises a total of 7 bets with 3 horses: 3 Singles, 3 Doubles and 1 treble. At least one bet is correct for a payout. Yankee A Yankee consists of 11 bets with four horses: 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles and one quadruple cumulative bet, also called a Four-fold or Quadruple.

Sports Betting Guide

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