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The welcome bonus is the amount the bookmaker offers when you open a player account with him. This is the promotional offer that bookmaker use to attract customers at home. The money offered by the bookmakers is free money that lets you make free paris.

With this type of bonus bookmaker , it credits your player a certain amount when you open your player account and you make your deposit. The amount paid to you is a percentage of the amount you paid , and it is capped .

An example for this type of bonus bookmaker: If the bookmaker offers on its website a " Bonus 50% of the first deposit up to 100 € " and you make a deposit of 30 € , the bookmaker will pay 15 € more in your account (50% of € 30). If you make a deposit of € 300 , you will be credited with € 100 only because the bonus is capped at € 100. Whatever the amount of the bonus , it allows you to make one or more free bet.

The main advantage of this bonus is to have his players accounts on a revolving fund not negligible . It is also able to make some boring paris on large dimensions without losing his own money ( you play with money that bookmakers give you). In short , enjoy free bet to try the big ratings , so the big gains .

With this type of bonus bookmaker , it will reimburse you your first bet if you lose . In summary , we offer a free paris. For example, if a bookmaker offers the bonus " paid € 15 on your first bet lost," it means that you must make a first bet of € 15 and lose to get your 15 € as Bonus . Similarly, if your first bet is only € 5 and you lose it, you will not be reimbursed as € 5.

Sports Betting Guide

Online sports betting is really common these days and it is also very popular. The entertainment of betting is about winnings and this is something that everyone would like to do online. You should experience the thrill and excitement of sports betting online. Start betting now!