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The last statistics, we will look at is the ROY, or return on investment. It is very useful statistic because it shows you how much profit or loss which occurs during a specific time period. RIO is calculated using the following formula.

RIO can be a useful statistic for completing certain performance data - egg. how strong a certain combination of jockey / trainer's or father's performance the first time. RIO% one can be destroyed by a single "big win", or premium bias, so it's worth doing some digging in the values, but it is one of the better statistics to use.

Other popular statistics includes 10 years of trends, such as "favorite's fate" - it can be useful for the big races as "once a year", but generally it is better to comparable levels to get as big a benchmark as possible.

Use as many statistics as possible to sum up and take them at face value - look at the reasoning behind the numbers and as with all statistics, try to use as large a comparison as possible.

Do not rely only on "win rate", or allow yourself to be tempted by the number that sounds impressive - the only thing that matters is the overall profit.

"Winner Frequencies" usually determines also soil conditions or courses - so you may see something like "This horse, 10% on solid ground." This kind of information is very helpful, but you still need some information on the circumstances of each race, and they give you example. No specific information on the combination coach / run.

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